Fineurop group is active in a number of different fields: corporate finance, private equity, distressed assets and international cooperation. The expertise gained in the various areas of finance makes Fineurop a key partner in corporate development, both in terms of core business as well as the expansion into new markets and exploitation of increasingly important growth areas.
Financial instruments offered by the Group allow Fineurop’s clients to benefit from its all-round expertise.

Fineurop Soditic

Corporate Finance

In the corporate finance field, the company provides highly specialised advisory services to industrial companies, individuals and private equity funds.
Consultancy services range from M&A (such as the acquisition or sale of companies, mergers, industrial alliances, internationalisation programs and leveraged buy-outs) to structured finance mainly in acquisition financing.
Since 1998 Fineurop Soditic has successfully concluded more than 550 deals as advisor leading the company with its truck record to become a major player in this area.

Fineurop Investment Opportunities (FIO)

Distressed assets

Established in 2015, Fineurop Investment Opportunities S.p.A. (FIO) is a professional investor in the italian distressed assets’ market. FIO intervenes in complex situations linked to companies in difficulty (companies in financial stress, insolvency proceedings, etc.) with the aim to create value by debt restructuring and settlement of underlying assets and liabilities under litigation.
The multiform competences and experiences of the Fineurop Group allow FIO to develop investment business in areas which are beyond the capacity of other less structured dealers. In the first five years of activity FIO has acted as investor in various transactions by restructuring debs for about 600 million Euros value.


International Cooperation

The company is active in international cooperation, concluding projects involving multidisciplinary technical assistance funded by the main international donors such as the World Bank and the European Commission. The beneficiaries of these projects are authorities and institutions in emerging countries or countries acceeding to the European Union. Our experts provide professional assistance in key areas such as Public Administration and Public Finance reforms, strategies for integration into the EU, private sector development and support for SME.
Eurosupport is one of the major Italian players in this field and a privileged partner of the European Union in the realisation of its goal of international cooperation.

Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)

This activity aims to raise funds from the market to promote and manage listed vehicle companies called SPAC.

These financial resources are utilized in a merger transaction with an operative non listed Target company (Business Combination). Through the Business Combination the Target Company will automatically become a listed company.

Sprintitaly, SPAC incorporated under Italian law, raised funds for 150 million Euros to be utilized in a Business Combination.

In 2019 Sprintitaly effected the Business Combination with Sicit 2000 SpA under the new name of Sicit Group SpA.

Sicit Group SpA represents an Italian green excellence and is one of the worldwide leaders in the field of biostimulants for agriculture and retardant in the plaster field.

In 2021 Sicit Group SpA has been the object of a takeover BID at a significantly higher value than its IPO.

For this activity of promotion and management of vehicle Spac companies, Fineurop together with other Investors have incorporated Sprintitaly Holding Srl.