Fineurop is a group whose expertise is based on over fiftyfive years of growth and success in the Italian market, having undertaken projects that have lead it to operate in a wide variety of industrial sectors.
Throughout its development, the focus on key phases has transformed a cutting-edge operator in the financial markets into a market leader in the fields of structured finance.

The origins of a success and the development

The year 1966: FINEUROP – Finanziaria Europea S.p.A. is established in Milan, Italy. From its earliest days of trading, the Company establishes a privileged relationship with Banca Commerciale Italiana (now Intesa Sanpaolo), leading to many years of successful cooperation.

In 1970 Fineurop introduces forfaiting into Italy, the financial technique supporting exports which will become a pivotal point in the Company’s development.

In 1991 Fineurop widens the range of services offered and creates CONFIRMEC S.p.A. which operates in the field of structured finance and confirming.

1998 is a year of great structural expansion for the group: FINEUROP SODITIC S.p.A. is established in Milan, active in Mergers & Acquisitions and corporate finance, while BCI SODITIC TRADE FINANCE LIMITED is established in London, in partnership with Banca Commerciale Italiana, as a specialist forfaiting house.

In the same year, the activity of international cooperation is also launched, for which the company EUROSUPPORT S.R.L. is later on established in 2009.

In 2006 the group creates AF MEZZANINE S.G.R.p.A., later named  EMISYS CAPITAL S.G.R.p.A., a fund management company, in partnership with IMI Investimenti and including among subscribers of Emisys Development Fondo Italiano di Investimenti and European Investment Fund.

In 2015 FINEUROP INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES S.p.A. (FIO) is established to develop its activity in distressed assets.

In 2017 Fineurop establishes PROMOSPRINT HOLDING S.R.L. to promote and manage a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). The first Spac established is SPRINTITALY, having an offering size of 150 millions Euros and which successfully concluded its first Business Combination in 2019.